The advantages of CVT

A variator is a device between the engine and the wheels, which allows for maximum smoothness to change the rotation speed of the master and slave drives. Traditionally, variable-speed drives are used in mopeds, scooters, snow and water scooters, however, it has recently been implemented in modern cars. Unlike automatic, the CVT moves much smoother accelerating as a powerful motor – in the set speed there are no failures and loud noises.

A vehicle with a CVT accelerates more rapidly the more powerful machines by saving time on the gear shift.

Compared to the automatic transmission, according to the set rpm the CVT is the clear leader. In addition, a car with a CVT does not stall at traffic lights and not roll back at uphill, and starting off is always very smooth, regardless of the skill of the driver. Some motorists don't like smooth and constant hum of the motor caused by the variator, and the absence of beloved by many men "sporty growl" under hard acceleration of the vehicle. This is because the variator in a timely manner optimizes the operation of the motor, not allowing it to reach critical values.

What to choose?

Some car owners prefer the CVT because it is more silent compared to the automatic transmission, fuel economy, rapidly accelerates the engine and other drive components are more optimized load. In addition, the CVT, unlike a machine, working in a sparing mode, which provides e-governance. The result is a car much less maintenance and almost never needs repair variator.

The CVT also has a positive effect on the environment the level of harmful substances in its exhaust gases is much lower than in gases machine.

Fans of the classic gearboxes can buy a variator with Tiptronic emulator switch speed settings. Lovers of speed and power will appreciate the CVT with a "kick-down", through which the sharp pressing the gas pedal to the max instantly changes the gear ratio and the car is accelerating at lightning speed, literally. Thus, the CVT has more advantages compared to automatic transmission.