You will need
  • Computer, drive, burner drive, photos to record, Nero.
Nowadays, nearly all disk drives have the function of recording CD. But if you are confident in your CD drive and don't know if he could record, find its documentation and read characteristics. If the drive is writing, insert the prepared recording disk. Now you need to prepare your photos to the record. Create a new folder and copy the photos you want to burn to disk. Now select the folder, click the right mouse button and select "Copy". Another option: select the folder and press Ctrl+C. the File is copied to the clipboard.
Open "My computer". In the section "Devices with removable storage" look prepared for the disc and open it. In the opened window, right-click your mouse on the white field and select the menu item "Paste". Or press Ctrl+V. the Folder with photos will be placed on the disk as temporary file. Right click next to the file. A menu will appear where you should select "write these files to CD". Then receive a "Master CD". You can name the disc in the "Name the CD". Click "Next", it will start recording to disk. On completion, click the finish button.
You can save your photos to disk and using a program Nero. Open the program. Select "data CD" or "DVD data" (depends on the size of the folder with pictures). A window will appear "disc Content". Drag a file in it. Click "Next", then "Record". Photos are written to disk. At the end click "finish". Can save the project to record to other drives.