You will need
  • computer;
  • document;
  • - a DVD or CD;
  • - Writing drive.
To write a file, you first need to prepare a special disk. If the amount of data is less than 700 MB, then buy a CD. To record a large number of files, you will need DVD media. It has a capacity of 4.7 GB. Finding the carrier will not have any problems, as these products are distributed almost worldwide in large quantities.
However, it is worth noting that these disks can be divided into two kinds, namely, RW and R. You will need to buy a disc format R, since they cannot be overwritten, and in the future will not have problems with loss of information. Media format RW to be overwritten, however, they often have problems. Next, prepare the document for recording. Save it under any name, are not similar with the other files of the same format.
Insert the disk into the computer drive. You must have a recordable DVD-R/RW. Next will be in automatic mode the Explorer. Specify the setting to "View files". Can also just remove the menu. It doesn't matter, as the recording will be done using a special tool of the computer, namely the "Master record files". Locate the document you want to capture to the media. Click the right mouse button and select "send to CD/DVD".
If your drive is denoted by any letter, it will appear as something like "send to E drive". Click this item. Next, open your drive through "my computer". See the document ready to be written. Click on the box "to Write temporary files" and wait for the end of the process. At the end of the operation the disc will be automatically fetched from the drive.
Also worth noting is that all disks must be checked for accuracy of entry. To do this, re-insert the disc into the computer and view all the recorded files. If the data on the media there is no need to do this operation again. Errors can occur when corrupted disks, as well as failures of the operating system.