In all browsers for desktop computers, the selection of text is done the same way. To highlight the section, use the mouse. Move the cursor to the beginning of the fragment click the left button, then hold the button, move the cursor to the end of the fragment. A sign that the characters selected, will be to change the background color around them and sometimes themselves. Color they will be painted, depend on the settings of the graphical interface of the operating system.
You can also select all the text on the page. To do this, press on the keyboard Ctrl-A (the letter A in Latin) or select the menu item "edit" - "Select all" (it can also be called "Select all"). In the text input field can be selected by moving the cursor to the beginning of the fragment, by pressing Shift, and then hold it with the arrow keys moving the cursor to the end point and release Shift. In such fields you can also use the above key combination Ctrl-A.
In mobile phones the text selection is in a slightly different way. In some platforms, for example, Series 40, it is not provided at all. In Series 60 to select text only in the input field. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the fragment, and then select it in the way stated above, with the only difference that instead of the Shift key have to use the button with the icon of a pencil. Some smartfonov on the Series 60 platform features a alphabetic keyboard. Such devices are equipped with two arrow keys pointing up and they are analogues of the Shift keys on keyboards of computers. If your telephone has the control key, you can use it to input Ctrl-A.
Highlighting parts of the text in the input field and the page can be carried out only by means of third-party browsers, for example, new versions of UC and Opera Mini. In the first use the menu item "Tools" - "Copy" - "Free COP.", and the second, press 1, and then to specify the beginning and end of a snippet, follow the prompts that will appear on the phone screen. In both cases, the selection will be immediately placed in the clipboard (if we are talking about a Java application, it will buffer the program itself, not the phone).
In all other cases, on both the computer and the telephone, the selected text should be copied to the clipboard manually. To do this, when using the computer or smart phone with an alphabetic keyboard, press Ctrl-C (the letter C - Latin). At the device Series 60 digital keyboard, click the pencil, hold it a second, and then at the bottom of the screen a tooltip appears. Poekranno press the key on which is written "Copy". And to insert the snippet into the editor or input box, press Ctrl-V or press the pencil in combination with podarennoe button above that says "Insert".