The main reason why people do not want to leave this world, lies in the fact that he is not afraid to do all the important that needs. If the present situation that death will come in 10 minutes, to mind immediately come the images of what we don't have time to do, and what he failed to say. It seemed to us that the time ahead is endless, but then we realize that it is not, and is born well-founded fear.
To not be afraid of death, you should always do what you need or want. This does not mean that you are preparing to leave this world, not at all, you will simply cease to be afraid of the thought of death. Don't postpone anything for later, do it now, every day go to the goal. Confess your love when you feel it, and then you will feel life in all its fullness, and death you will not be afraid.
If you remember the views of different cultures to the death, you may be much easier to perceive. For example, Buddhists believe in reincarnation, this means that the soul will never leave the earth and be embodied in another person. You can interpret this in such a way that death is not, as die only the physical shell.
Is there a way to get rid of the fear of death is to experience it in this world. There are a lot of methods, but the simplest is a normal visualization. Recall a situation when you were on the verge of death, or there was a risk (for example, crossing the road in the wrong place). Try to remember as clearly as possible and to feel that state, when you have experienced a small shock.
Now imagine that you managed to Dodge a passing car and got under it. Imagine in detail how it all happened. It is important to live in the moment and, as much as possible, to experience both internally and physically, everything that happens to you. It can be quite painful practice, and it is not superfluous if with you there will be a loved one.
Survived by his death visually, you will live it and in reality, here and now, being in a healthy body, full of life. Most likely, you will visit a strong emotional outburst, tantrum, crying. Be prepared for it, that's fine. Some time you will suffer, because in your thoughts you lost yourself. It's complicated. But after you will feel relief, fear of death, because you have already passed. You will be more interested in life, not withdrawal from it, and it will surely make you a much stronger person.