You will need
  • album with cardboard sheets;
  • paper for scrapbooking;
  • - glue stick;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - satin ribbon;
  • - stationery knife or trimmer;
  • - decorative elements (buttons, Newspapers, rags, colored paper, beads, etc.).
Will buy a special album for scrapbooking or use regular, cardboard sheets. If you wish, you can make it yourself using a diverse set of scrap-pieces of thick colored cardboard. In any case, you will need colored backgrounds paper for scrapbooking. It is extremely decorative, and most importantly, does not yellow with time.
Pick up interesting pictures and memorable things that you would like to keep near them. It can be: baby headband-tag from the hospital, ultrasound pictures, first pictures of the baby and stuff.
Consider theme songs and title them: "My parents", "First contact", "Favorite toy", "Walk in the garden", "My friends", etc.
Prepare decorative items which will make a harmonious collage. They must be connected with the and with each other in colour, content and form. Classic scrapbooking is often used newspaper clippings; the course will also colored paper, stickers, beads, decoupage (paper application), acrylic paint, scraps, postcards, magazine clippings, buttons, and more. In stores you can find special sets of decorations for scrapbook albums, but the material at hand gives the pages a special charm and originality.
Try to make one of the pages of a children's album. First, stick glue, a pencil background paper for scrapbooking in pink or blue (depending on the gender of your baby). At the bottom lay the scalloped edge, 5-8 cm tall. It is recommended to choose a pattern that is not boring with time and remains out of fashion, the pea, plaid or stripes.
Determine the location of the favorite portrait of your child in infancy. Of paper (to match the rims) take a frame according to the format of the image. To make smooth the cut with a ruler and a hobby knife or special tool – trimmer. He firmly presses the paper and is equipped with a sharp cutter.
Glue the main elements of the page, then proceed to additional decor. Cut out large letters from newspaper sheets and make them the child's name on top of the sheet. Stepping back a bit from the right edge, vertically glue two blue (pink) satin ribbon. They should be different from the main background 1-2 pitch. In the center of the page, link the segments and form a bow.
Attach to corner of photo tag from the hospital or make new ones from cardboard. Sign it however you want, for example: "Our baby is 7 days."
Continue to draw children's album to your taste. Enter into the work of a variety of materials. A composition plan in advance. For example, to the page "First visit to the puppet theatre" can be used: background from a piece of tulle, reminiscent of the scene; appliques of paper, wool and buttons (figures puppet from the play); the preserved ticket and a picture of the kid in the auditorium. To page "Babe in the woods": a green background; appliqués in the form of trees and flowers; natural material: photo frame-the"tree branch", painted with acrylic paint.
Dedicate a whole spread on the anniversary of the child. It is recommended to simulate the roll: place the strip of black paper and attach it to the small images the same size. They will show how your child is growing and developing. Decorate the main background images festive caps, cake and candles. You can take pictures of the participants of children's festival in different formats and randomly stick them on the reversal of the album.