Wearing-shirt and jeans depends not only on their models, but also on the peculiarities of your figure. For example, if you have a small height and short legs, avoid wearing a shirt untucked. If you are overweight, it is better not to choose a narrow model of jeans and form-fitting, too tight sitting on you shirt. The shirt in this scenario, good to wear trousers, but they should not be too voluminous. Be especially careful if you have a protruding abdomen. Large even easy Breakfast is luxurious down shirt untucked will give the impression that you do not have a figure and the bell.
Men's shirts differ in the length and design of the bottom. If the model involves dressing in pants that make it longer to not withdrawn from under the belt, the bottom edge while cropped exactly. If bottom are rounded, and the sides or round cutouts or slits, such a shirt is worn on top of jeans and never have to refuel. A fitted shirt is theoretically possible to tuck in jeans, but also can be worn untucked.
Jeans fit different shirt, but the least – strict office dress. They, just, best to wear with pants. But if you have to wear such a pair, then try to make the shirt less "official": undo the top button and tuck sleeves. At the same tie cannot be worn. But classic jeans will look good with a long sleeve in that case, if you put on top and vest.
Shirt striped with floral pattern, wear trousers. Same thing with "cell". Many are now trying to get away from the image of a cowboy with tucked-in jeans a plaid shirt. But if you or your girl like it – wear it in good health.
As for color, it is better to give preference to jeans, dark colors, because with them a combination of almost any shirt. Light jeans will look good with a white shirt.
Girls and women should remember the cardinal rule of wearing jeans with shirts: body must be either top or bottom, but not both of these things at once.
Tight, tight jeans look good with a blouse, the front tied knot and shirt mens type trousers. In the latter case, the ensemble can be supplemented with a wide belt at the waist or slightly lower and shoes or boots with high heels. All of this can be put on and under classic straight or tapered-leg jeans.
Loose shirts do not wear wide-flared jeans models, if you don't want to look a couple of sizes larger. In addition, you can get the effect of a rude and uncouth girl.
Blouses for office style with collar-frill and decorated with all sorts of ruffles look good with classic, narrow and high models of jeans (also don't forget about shoes with high heels).
If you choose a shirt Polo, remember that you can wear tucked into jeans, but you can not fill. But to make your figure look proportional, keep in mind the length: the lower edge of the jacket should be approximately at the level of the pelvis.
Denim shirt is also well suited to jeans, but better if it is slightly lighter than the pants.