You will need
  • Pots, purchase a soil for flowers, purchased drainage, wooden spatula, nail scissors, a sharp knife, charcoal.
Determine whether your plant is in transplant.Insert a long wooden spatula between the earth and the wall of the pot as deep as possible, swipe in a circle. Shake the plant out of the pot. If the whole clod braided roots, the plant needs a transplant. If the roots a little, then put the plant back into an old pot, pour fresh earth.Transplant the plant if noticed that he began to dry tips of leaves or roots peeking out through the holes on the bottom of the pot.
Think of a time planting.Evergreen plants re-pot in early March, when they are just waking up after a slow development.Plants blooming in spring, re-pot after flowering. If you have any need to transplant the plant with buds, do it the handling in the other pot. Pull out the plant with a clod of earth, don't touch the roots, carefully place the flower in the other, already-prepared pot of backfill earth around the edges. Good pour.
Prepare the new pots.New pots should be a couple of inches larger in diameter than the old one. If you use too large pots, the soil can sour.Clay pots scald with boiling water and completely submerge in a bucket of water for 30 minutes, the pores of earthen pot filled with water.Plastic pots wash with water with soap and rinse with hot water, not boiling water, so the pot is not cracked.
Prepare the land for plants.Manured land with garden suitable for transplanting flowers.Mixture of turf, peat, humus and river sand do it yourself depending on the type of the root system of the plants you plan to transplant.Purchase soil mixture with peat and polystyrene beads, which retain moisture, are well suited for transplanting indoor plants.Use special prepared soil mix for plants, presenting special requirements for the composition of the soil.
On the bottom of the pot pour store-bought drain, river sand and little soil. Place the plant in a pot. With one hand hold the plant at the base with your other hand pour the ground along the edges of the pot, not tightly utrambovyvaya. The earth needs a couple of inches to reach the top of the pot to make it easy to pour.Water the flowers after planting. Put them in a shaded area for two weeks.