You will need
  • - home page address;
  • - used browser.
A situation when the browser is changed home page, are quite common. It usually happens after installing any additional programs on the Internet. However, there are independent changes without apparent reason.
To return to the previous page for search engines easy. The main thing – to know the address of the desired page. You can copy it by opening one of the saved bookmarks or by manually entering in a special window.
And now a little more about it. All operations with the browser and its settings are by going to the settings menu. Here, selecting the desired section, you can set necessary to work in Internet performance.
In Google Chrome on the toolbar, locate the icon representing a wrench. Click on it and from the drop down window, select "Settings". Or for a quick transition can enter into the address bar the following combination: chrome://settings/browser. In this section the user will be able to set any parameters. But in this case we are talking about a home or main page. First opened after clicking the window is a section in the basic settings. Carefully consider the page in the first paragraph - "Primary group" - mark in the line "Main page". Just below in the blank field enter the address of the page you want to see when loading the browser.
Below is another section. There you can set what page will open as the main page, offer browser, or the next. That is the address that will appear on the next Next page. Place a checkmark next to this item and add the address.
If necessary, in the same window, but on the point below, under "Search", enter your preferred search engine. The list of available search engines appears after clicking the button with the name search engines in the drop-down window, and then close the settings tab and restart the browser.
In CometBird find on the toolbar click on "Tools". Then select "Settings" and on the next page in the subdirectory "Core" set as home page desired by typing this next to "Home page" is the desired address. Or use one of the options: use current page, whose address is specified in the field to add from the bookmarks or set defaults. In the top row "When I run CometBird" specify which page to open when you start the browser: home, empty or Windows and tabs from last time.
Everything is easy customizable and Mozilla Firefox. Click on the top toolbar "Tools", then "Settings" in the next window, click "Main" in the line "Home page" enter the address. It can be enter manually or select one from the options: use current page, use bookmark or restore to default. If the home you want to use one of your saved bookmarks, select the middle button and specify the location for the bookmarks. Click on it and add the string for the home page of the browser.
In Opera click on the top icon browser, open "Settings" then "General settings" in the Home line write the address of the desired page. To save the settings, click "OK".
In Internet Explorer enter settings accessed by clicking on the gear icon. Select "Internet options" and in the line "Home page", type your address.