Conception usually occurs in the fallopian tube, where, after ovulation the egg gets. The life-span of the ovum is very small – only a couple of hours, and the sperm retain their ability to fertilize eggs for several days. So, it must be concluded that the most favorable period of conception is the ovulation day, well, plus or minus two days. Because of the egg a small period of life, the days before ovulation are more fertile, as sperm takes about a day to get to the fallopian tubes.
Determining date of conception and calculation of favorable days for pregnancy is possible by the temperature dependence. For three consecutive months during each menstrual cycle, measure the temperature in the rectum and necessarily every morning and evening before bedtime. The results write down or draw the curve. In those days, when the temperature is increased, the possible chance of pregnancy.
If necessary, in the middle of the menstrual cycle to consult your gynecologist. He will be able to determine the date of conception up to one day, based on taken for analysis of mucus from the cervix.
For the maturation of sperm in the testes in men need some time. So for five days before your ovulation then abstain from sex with a partner. Through this abstinence, the man will ripen to a greater number of active sperm, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception.
Of course, in the days leading up to the conception, partners should avoid drinking alcohol, which has a devastating effect on germ cells partners. You should be careful with other harmful tools and materials, such as dyes, paints, solvents, medicines.