You will need
  • - legal entity or entrepreneur;
  • - the space for cafes and bakeries;
  • - approvals from SES and other authorities;
  • equipment;
  • - furniture and utensils;
  • - supply of ingredients for baking;
  • - staff.
Select the format of the future cafe. You can open a bakery shop or to be engaged mainly in bread baking. Today is a very popular theme candy – French, Italian, Belgian or Russian, offering original varieties of pastries. Rate the prospects of the market. If your city already has several bakeries, analyze their range.
Find the product that will become a "visiting card" of your company. For example, you can bake a wide assortment of pies with various fillings, specialize in breads, signature puffs or cookies.
Pick the right room. Your bakery must be located in a place with heavy traffic. Inexpensive cafes can be opened in a residential area or near schools and offices. Bakery premium should be placed close to restaurants, business centers and city attractions.
To accommodate the production enough 50-80 square meters 80-100 m2 is a trading room. The food service area can be limited to a few tables with chairs or sofas. There are cafes that offer only "standing" seats at the high tables.
Take care of obtaining permits. You will need a permit for the production and sale of bakery and confectionery products. The paperwork is a lengthy process and can take several months.
Equip the bakery. You will need proofing cabinets, divider, dough kneading machines and ovens for baking. The choice of equipment and its price depend on the proposed range. For example, if you want to bake bread, which is served in Italian and French bakeries, you will need a special hearth oven.
The capacity of the equipment select based on the planned load. Do not buy "in reserve" and not occupy the space of the bakery machines that are not going to use. If in the future you will expand the production, the missing equipment will be possible to purchase or update an existing one.
Make repairs to the premises. A shopping center and area cafes apply in accordance with the selected concept. For example, if your specialty is bread "handmade", the design can be decorated in a rustic style – wooden racks, canvas cloth, woven baskets for display. If you sell cakes in the French taste, stylize the room under the Parisian cafes.
Employ the staff. Pay special attention to the choice of the chef-Baker – the man who will not only control the baking process, and developing process maps. In addition, you will need ordinary bakers, kitchen staff, vendors in the hall, a janitor and a bookkeeper who can work remotely.