You will need
  • TV-tuner, the program WinDVD_Creator, fileprogramitem, videotape, DVD.
Perform the digitization of video, for this you will need a video capture device that converts analogue signal to digital. As the gripper device use a TV tuner.Before digitizing, set the program WinDVD_Creator, which is included in the kit.
In order to produce a capture card, connect a VCR or camcorder into the inputs "video" and "audio" on the tuner. Turn on the VCR, insert a tape, hit "play". Press "VHS", then on the screen of the monitor in the tuner box, you should see the footage contained on the tape.
Click on the control panel "recording Toolbar" or use the right-click menu of the tuner and choose the similar command. Dialog appears "recording Panel".Click on the tab "Settings for video/audio recording. Select a format for the implementation of digitizing the video. Don't touch anything in the left column at the bottom, there is installed all automatic. Choose in the lower right column of the "write file" and specify the path for writing.
Go to the "Recording" tab, enable record (press the camera). The file will have the extension mpg or avi, wmv. This is a digital record that can be written to disk and view on the DVD player.Now you can record your favorite recordings stored on VHS and enjoy their work together with family members, relatives and friends. In fact many of the such an important life event, like a wedding or the birth of a child recorded it on VHS.