Should first be noted that the recording of the videotape on the computer in that quality in which it is recorded on the tape. Additional effects will add brilliance, but the image is better from it will not. This procedure is available only in special studios, and it is very expensive. But still you are able to keep recording for a long time and to avoid further decline in their quality.
In addition to computer and video video we will need a Board of video capture (TV tuner), includes inputs to receive video signal. Software to implement receiving and transcoding video generally comes with a cost.
Charge into your PC and turn on the VCR, which should already be connected to the Board (see her statement). Install the software on your computer and select magazine. Included a videotape and a recording program on your PC. Next, click the Start button and wait the end of the entry. Don't forget at the end of recording, press the Stop button.
Stop recording, and the computer we have by this time appears the result of our work – the video. It remains only to edit the recording, optionally add some interesting effects and our video will be digitized and ready for viewing. If you want to "throw" record to disk, just write it there using a program Nero Start Smart or any other similar.