Advice 1: How to copy VHS on computer

Imagine that you have at home is a huge video library consisting of films interesting and dear to the heart of the records. And at the same time, you have a computer with a hard disk 500 GB where it all can fit. After all videotapes eventually deteriorate, especially if gathering dust in the shelf. And that means the inevitable damage records and sound quality. To rewrite VHS on the computer really.
Rewriting the videotape to a PC, you save the dear write
Should first be noted that the recording of the videotape on the computer in that quality in which it is recorded on the tape. Additional effects will add brilliance, but the image is better from it will not. This procedure is available only in special studios, and it is very expensive. But still you are able to keep recording for a long time and to avoid further decline in their quality.
In addition to computer and video video we will need a Board of video capture (TV tuner), includes inputs to receive video signal. Software to implement receiving and transcoding video generally comes with a cost.
Charge into your PC and turn on the VCR, which should already be connected to the Board (see her statement). Install the software on your computer and select magazine. Included a videotape and a recording program on your PC. Next, click the Start button and wait the end of the entry. Don't forget at the end of recording, press the Stop button.
Stop recording, and the computer we have by this time appears the result of our work – the video. It remains only to edit the recording, optionally add some interesting effects and our video will be digitized and ready for viewing. If you want to "throw" record to disk, just write it there using a program Nero Start Smart or any other similar.
Useful advice
If you decided to record your video to disk, it is better to take bilateral DVD disc. It is possible to save a whole mini-library.

Advice 2 : How to rewrite VHS on DVD

Video tapes have become out of fashion, as they were replaced by more convenient storage media called disks. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to rewrite family a memorable shooting or favorite movies from videotapes to DVD or CD discs.

How to rewrite VHS on DVD
You will need
  • DVD player;
  • - VHS-player;
  • DVD - ROM;
  • - VHS cassette;
  • -computer (operating system Windows Vista Home Premium);
  • - a/V cable;
  • - FireWire cable;
  • - digital video camera;
  • program Nero.
To start, move the record from the VHS tape to the computer. To do this, connect the camcorder to the VCR and the computer. Then import the video into Windows Movie Maker and select the video you want to copy on DVD. The program automatically creates the video, and you copy it into a new collection folder.
Next, save the project, but before that, give it a name, write the title. If you want the menu of the DVD was beautifully decorated, create a picture in the menu "Service" click on "the preview".
As soon as the clips will be ready, burn them to DVD using Windows DVD Maker. Then configure the menu of the DVD, using the created images and Tex menu. Thus prepared disc is put on the preview to get to notice any inaccuracies or typographical errors.
After checking the disk, put it on the record, using the program Nero. For this is installed on the computer program, select "Create data DVD" and click on it. As soon as the command is activated, the program will automatically start to copy the recording from videotape to disk.
If on the same drive you want to fit a few films produce cutting files in Nero Vision or MAGIX Movies where you can only record with a resolution of 720x576. The last program will be ideal for recording from the master copies.
Be careful downloading any programs from the Internet because the software from the unverified source may threaten your PC.
Useful advice
Are recording videotapes to disk when low speed data recording, as this will allow you to achieve high quality recording, even small blemishes.

Advice 3 : How to record from VCR to disc

Just a few years ago analog VCRs was in a big can. Large standard VHS tapes still have quite a lot of records. Movies, concerts, memorable moments of family life - not full list of what I would like to keep the owners of the once popular technology. They can digitize and burn to disk.
How to record from VCR to disc
You will need
  • VCR;
  • computer;
  • - video capture card;
  • - writable drive;
  • - the software UleadVideoStudio, VirtualDub;
  • - a package of codecs K-lite.
Since you're dealing with analog recording, you need to make a capture. Connect a VCR to the video capture card. Most often, the output of the VCR is connected to the entrance card, and audio out to the audio input of the sound card. It is advisable to adjust the levels.
Connect the tape recorder. With the help of attached to the capture card program to determine what the system recorded. This can be PAL or NTSC. They differ from each other as the proportions of the frame and number of frames per second, and rendering intent. To digitize to the system in which the recording on the tape. Install utilities capture card related settings.
Open the program UleadVideoStudio. It also set the information about the system. Install codec for digitization. If space on the hard disk a lot, and the entry is not very long, select the DV codec. He will give the best quality. However, it is possible that playback of the recording will have to compress. So you can immediately make a capture format mp1 or mp2. Select "Record with audio". Turn on the VCR for playback. The digitization went.
On the hard disk, you should get the file in the prescribed formats, from avi or mp. Decide on which device you are going to lose. This can be a computer, a standard or universal DVD player. For a standard record player disc standard VCD or DVD. He and the other disk that you created in the program UleadVideoStudio and record. If you want to view the footage on a computer or universal player, you can convert the file to avi format.
Note that the recording quality on the VCR is quite low, but some codec packs allow it to slightly improve. For example, the DivX5 codec allows to increase the resolution two times. Before applying you should check whether your VCR to accept this codec.
Useful advice
To transcode the file better the program VirtualDub. To write to the drive and the program Nero.

Advice 4 : How to digitalize video from mini-DV tapes

Video is a medium that used to be very popular, and today gradually gives way to the first place new digital technologies. Information on the videocassette is stored is not too long, about 15 years, then becomes dull and faded, and then does no longer playable. Information is slowly "dying" due to the demagnetization of the film. So the owners of film cameras want to know how to digitize video from mini-DV tapes.
Digitize video from mini-DV tapes

Why Mini-DV

Although the film today is not in fashion and goes by the wayside, she still remain fans. All the flaws compensates for relatively high image quality. This is especially true of home video cameras with high resolution. After accumulating a sufficient number of mini-DV tapes, people think about their digitization and subsequent storage on the flash drives, DVDs and hard drives. If the information is very important, it duplicates on all possible media. The digitisation process is not so complicated. First, with the help of special software and hardware for copying videos to a computer, and then it is processed and squeezed to an adequate size. To cope with this problem can anyone refer to a special office is not needed.

What you must have from devices

To digitize video from mini-DV tapes, you need the following tools. First of all — the video camera that was recording. The computer must have an IEEE 1394 input. It should be mentioned that it is not on all motherboards, but it does not matter, because you can buy the fee at a computer store. Just come there and tell me you need Board FireWire or i-Link are different names for the same device. It costs from 100 to 300 rubles, and the kit needs to be special cable for the connection. Cable can go with the camera, be careful.

Purchasing fee, insert it into the motherboard, in a free PCI slot. If it is difficult to do, better ask someone who knows best. Although nothing complicated here — do it when the computer is off, the Board is unlikely to fit anywhere else. Cope with this, plug the small end of the connecting cord into the camera, wide - in charge. Put the camcorder on charge or pre-charge the battery. Turn the camera on and select the Play mode/Edit.

What are necessary programs on the computer

When we have everything ready in terms of devices, the camera is connected to a charger and the computer with a special cord, it's time to move to software. In General, the function of digitizing the video can handle many programs. Here are some of them: AVSVideoEditor, Adobe Premiere, Stoik Capturer, VirtualDub, Pinnacle Studio and others. Of them all, perhaps, is to provide a program ScenalyzerLive. Because she is easy to handle, performs the necessary functions at 100%, is lightweight, and nothing more is needed.

Ready video files created using ScenalyzerLive will weigh not so little, on 60 minutes somewhere around 13 GB. Prepare free space on your hard drive in advance. To convert them to a smaller size without visible quality loss using the program Any Video Converter — excellent program for converting video to different formats.

The process of digitizing using ScenalyzerLive

Connecting the camera to an IEEE 1394 slot, the operating system should detect the camera. Run the program ScenalyzerLive. First, you need to specify where to store the video, do it. Further to the left in the program window you will see a menu control tape. You can use buttons to do a rewind on the camera in the beginning, the end, pause, stop, etc. If your cassette is not at the beginning, scroll it to the left until the end. Then look at the bottom of the window closer to the center of the Capture button. Click it and you will see how the focus of the programme appear frames. And will be played in real time the video itself. Please wait while digitizing video. Will have to wait in real time. If you recorded 60 minutes, and will have to wait 60 minutes. There is no other way.

Compressing videos using Any Video Converter

The finished video files will need to shrink them to less weighed. So run the program Any Video Converter, click the Open Video File (or Add Video Files depends on the version of the program) and select the desired video file or a file group. In the end, the programme will form a list of the files that you want to pinch. On the right side is a panel with prepared formats, you can choose something to your taste. For example, select Customized Avi Movie, then select video size, quality. The movie options select the desired codec, for example xvid. Set the frame rate will approach 25 or 30 frames. Can configure audio settings. Now click on the "Convert!" (“Convert Now!”), which is located to the upper center of the screen. The final result of the digitized video can be found by clicking on the button in the lower left corner of the screen, Any Video Converter, “Media Manager”, or by opening the directory, you have yourself to save video files.
You have learned the complete process of digitizing video from mini-DV tapes and now can create your video in unlimited quantities, using the same cassette. To store the pinched files, as mentioned earlier, use flash drives, DVDs and hard drives.
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