You will need
  • DVD player;
  • - VHS-player;
  • DVD - ROM;
  • - VHS cassette;
  • -computer (operating system Windows Vista Home Premium);
  • - a/V cable;
  • - FireWire cable;
  • - digital video camera;
  • program Nero.
To start, move the record from the VHS tape to the computer. To do this, connect the camcorder to the VCR and the computer. Then import the video into Windows Movie Maker and select the video you want to copy on DVD. The program automatically creates the video, and you copy it into a new collection folder.
Next, save the project, but before that, give it a name, write the title. If you want the menu of the DVD was beautifully decorated, create a picture in the menu "Service" click on "the preview".
As soon as the clips will be ready, burn them to DVD using Windows DVD Maker. Then configure the menu of the DVD, using the created images and Tex menu. Thus prepared disc is put on the preview to get to notice any inaccuracies or typographical errors.
After checking the disk, put it on the record, using the program Nero. For this is installed on the computer program, select "Create data DVD" and click on it. As soon as the command is activated, the program will automatically start to copy the recording from videotape to disk.
If on the same drive you want to fit a few films produce cutting files in Nero Vision or MAGIX Movies where you can only record with a resolution of 720x576. The last program will be ideal for recording from the master copies.