You will need
  • - Videotape;
  • - cables to connect the player and your computer;
  • TV.
To record video on a VHS tape you need either two players, or player with recording function and a personal computer. In the first case, you can overwrite the information from cassette to cassette, and the second is to transfer digital information on analogue media. Stop the attention on the second option.
Select the type of connection of the computer or laptop to the TV. The possibilities of modern TV allow you to connect to them at the same time a large number of devices. Given the fact that the recording will be performed on a VHS tape, the connection can be performed via an analog channel, not digital. The recording quality will not be reduced.
Make the connection computer video card with a TV. Configure the settings for the synchronous operation of these devices. Select the desired output mode of the image. On your TV, specify the port used to output information from the graphics card to the TV display.
Connect the VCR to the TV. Usually use channels or SCART kit "tulips". Turn on VCR and insert a videotape.
Prepare the computer to playback the video. Disable all programs that can display pop-UPS. Disconnect the Internet connection and pause the antivirus SOFTWARE. Turn off the default sounds of the operating system.
Open the video player on the computer. Run the desired file. Enable recording of images with the TV screen using the remote control VCR. Try not to touch the manipulators to turn off full-screen playback mode. Wait for the end of the movie and hit the "Stop"button.