"I'm married" or "I Have a young man." If you have got adequate boyfriend, who knows about the existence of male solidarity, he will not qualify for a girl who's already taken. The phrase can be used in that case, if a young man you have there. It is unlikely that this fact will be checked.
If you study well at the Institute, and are now a scientist, otpugnet a young man his knowledge. In response to his remark, "Hello, how are you doing, let's talk" tell me what I would like to discuss some questions of quantum physics or molecular biology. Most likely, the guy immediately run away. Well, if you do not run away and will start to develop the theme, a closer look at it. You may have already and not want to let him down easy.
I can say young man that you are not interested in men. However, it should be used carefully so as not to run into aggression from the configured intolerance strong half of mankind. Especially desperate girls can tell that they are shemales, and offer to show the failed knight male primary sexual characteristics.
A great sense of humor will help you ward off the annoying fan. To his question, not if you've dated before, say, will have to see, because you work at the reception of venereal clinic. Romance, ready to go for you on the edge of the world, suggest to stay in this land as long as possible.
Learn to say a firm "no". Some girls know how to refuse so that young people, apologizing, then go about their business. "No," the other girls sounds like they want the guy persuaded them. Learn to give a firm and clear answer, his whole appearance indicating that you won't, and then you don't have to come up with a funny or insulting phrase in order to reject a guy.