List, what beliefs led to the fact that you were in debt. Internal beliefs drive our actions. Consider, where did the debt and that you then believed was right.
Write what to change these beliefs. They need to change, not to make new debt. Define the other rules of the game, which will adhere to.
List the fixed expenses. It is necessary to have a clear idea how much money monthly will have to pay. Now do not consider debt. Just ongoing operating costs. To debts are not accumulated, these amounts must be repaid with each receipt of money. Record rent, transport costs, food costs and other necessary for life payments. Clearly define boundaries, which will not go.
Get a refund from the debtors. Remember who keeps you in suspense. Meet and talk seriously. Assign a specific deadline. Make periodic partial payments.
Talk with creditors. Come meet the difficulties. These conversations can seem unpleasant. But people will see that you are not avoiding their obligations. Tell me honestly that will be able to pay in parts.
Follow the 50/50 rule. From each paycheck pay an amount calculated at the 3rd step. Then the remaining money divide into 2 parts. One of them use to pay off debts. The second save. This will allow you both to get out of debt, and to feel confidence in the future in connection with the growth of savings.
Raise the bar higher. Demand from yourself more income. Looking for new opportunities. Develop your skills. Do it as fast as you can.