Legal earnings in the network can be called easy revenue. There are many services that help people make money online. First you need to understand that networking is exactly the same as outside of it. For example, getting to a particular activity, you start from scratch, you do not have special skills and resources.

It is not necessary to practice reading paid emails and clicking on links, as this activity will bring you mere pennies and not even very soon. You have to focus on honest work, the ennobling of man.


This service allows you to monetize your social media accounts and forums. You will send hidden advertising messages and continue to chat, but you'll be able to earn. You can withdraw money if you have more than $ 5 on your account.
This work is suitable for those who actively live Vkontakte, on Facebook, Google, Twitter, various forums, etc.


Workzilla is a service that helps in search of a personal assistant. The contractor performs the job that the customer is pre-charged, and put a price for its execution. Many customers require performers special skills and give a more expensive job by experienced workers. But newbies also here find your job. The higher the skill, the greater the earnings. You can work and earn any amount of money (per hour from one hundred rubles).
Job can be to collect contact information of any company, word processing in Word resources, the placement of news, selection of images, finding a provider, the rung of a competitor company.


By registering on Advegо you choose not too expensive exchange cooperating. You'll be doing the job even without specific skills. The work will consist of writing articles or placing hidden advertising links. You can do cooperating or rewrite. Earned money may be withdrawn when your balance is more than$ 5.

In addition to the earnings on the hidden advertising and copywriting, you can write reviews about any products and services or to make investments. Most people invest their money in Forex.

You need to define the area in which you will do business online, and receive money in the form of passive income.
For those who are more advanced, there are books about earning passive income in the form of 5 new methods.