For obtaining the mark with child's name in passport national passport please refer to this document and the birth certificate of the child to the passport office. There you within one day will make the entry in the column devoted to children. Will be indicated surname, name and patronymic of the child, and his birth year. The record will be certified with a special stamp. Keep in mind that your passport record only minor children. In the exchange the document proving the identity, in 45 years your kids, if they already grow up, will not be there to appear.
If you are registered in one place, and the child in another, pass a passport for registration records to the passport office at the place of your registration. This must be done in person or in the presence of attorney from the owner of the passport. For example, the mother may choose to enter the children's passport to the father that is not in the passport for employment.
Enter a child into the passport of the old sample. To do this, specify the name and date of birth when submitting the questionnaire for a passport. The child must be under the age of 14 - after this age, he needs to obtain his own identity document abroad. If you have the child for five years, until valid passport, contact the regional office of the Federal migration service with his birth certificate. You can specify a child in the passport of one or both parents. Note that the parent in whose passport the child appears, it may take him abroad, if the second family member does not put a ban through special treatment in the border service.
When you make yourself the passport of the new generation with a ten-year validity period of order your child's his own document, regardless of age. In such passports for parents of children no longer fit.