If you are first time do this kind of thing, start with the easiest parts. Try to pull the handles on the doors, sills and other various plastic parts. If you have it turned out well, then proceed to covering more complex parts.
You can sheathe the interior of the car on the patterns of the manufacturer. To do this, remove the old upholstery and strut it at the seams. According to the old patterns make new patterns. Ssuite parts with special sewing machines. Be careful to stitched pieces of material were absent bubbles and distortions. Otherwise, all defects will be much to attract attention.
For door trim panels quite often use the skin. However, this material is very difficult to work, as it practically does not stretch. Exactly stick only to people who many times was engaged in the interior. If you are a beginner, do not risk and try to sheathe the interior is more simple materials.
The easiest way to sheathe the interior carpet. Many car manufacturers use it for finishing the internal space of the car. It is not recommended to glue this material on the "Moment". At the included heating the glue will poison the passengers with their harmful vapors. Over time, the pieces of carpet will peel off. Best carpet to be fixed by special adhesives-aerosols. You can buy them at auto parts store.
Before you do paneling details, be sure to remove it. For dismantling you will not spend a lot of time. To glue the material you will be much more convenient. As a result, you get smooth and beautiful skin. If the carpet needs to wrap around the back details, you will in any case have to remove it. Carpet well prevents squeaks, which often make plastic parts. This material is also a good insulator.