You will need
  • - the material for plating;
  • glue;
  • roller;
  • - a brush or roller;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - gasoline or acetone;
  • - plywood;
  • - foam;
  • - screws.
Pick a good material for plating. It is best to use special automobile leather, it stretches very well and is sufficient wear resistant. If it seems too expensive, buy an ordinary leather or other material, the main requirement – good ability to stretch as a common thread, and duck.
As the adhesive thermoplastic hire a professional Shoe glue, two-component. It must be diluted with acetone, it has an unpleasant odour, dries quickly and provides good grip. In extreme cases, take a normal glue "Moment".
Start with plastic parts since they are easier to work, and you will be able to practice. Scuff the plastic with sandpaper, paying special attention to the internal corners, depressions and turnover bend tissue. Degrease gasoline or acetone.
Pay attention to the details form. If they are too convex, the material is difficult to stretch to the required size, so it's best to cut out and sew on the sewing machine so that the details were a little less necessary (stretch).
Apply glue to the plastic material and three layers. Every time wait for drying of the previous layer is not less than 30 minutes. After applying the third coat also wait half hour and apply the material onto the fabric, trying to be right.
Heat the material in small venues (no more than 10x10 cm)with a hair dryer and smooth roller or by hand. The glue will melt and securely glue the material and plastic. Pull the corners so that there are no wrinkles.
Next, start the cording doors. Old surface better tear but can be glued directly on it (in this case, the adhesive consumption is 2-3 times greater, because it is necessary completely to impregnate the fabric).
Start with the center of the door and gradually move to the edges. Unlike plastic parts, covered with a cloth map material must be stretched as much as possible.
If no breakdown to pull the material on the car door gently does not work, do a soft cushion of foam rubber. To do this, cut out from plywood detail of the required size, place the foam on top and fit an its the same material. Secure the pillow to the door with screws.