Advice 1: How to pay tax on the apartment

Becoming the owner of a long-awaited own dwelling, you automatically become a payer of property tax. This tax is of category local and all bets are determined by representative bodies of municipal formations. Tax credited to the local budget at the place of registration of immovable property.
How to pay tax on the apartment
You will need
  • • The certificate on statement on the account in tax authority (INN);
  • • Access to the Internet;
  • • The printer.
To find out how much tax you have to pay for you own an apartment, review the rates of tax on the website of the regional Department of the Tax service of the Russian Federation. This can be done by visiting the Official website of the Tax service of the Russian FederationСтавки tax are set annually by the regulatory legal acts of representative bodies of local self-government.
How to pay taxes on the <b>apartment</b>
The taxable base is the inventory value of your apartment. There are certain law limits the rates of property tax.
How to pay taxes on the <b>apartment</b>
Often happens that we receive in the mail a notice from the tax office calculation of the amount of tax on the property with the attached receipt for the payment. The receipt can to pay in cash Desk of banks, remitting taxes of physical persons in the local budget. The payment notice on payment of property tax must be received by e-mail no later than August 1 of each year. If for some reason the notification does not reach or disappears from the box, you must contact the tax office at the place of registration of the property for obtaining a receipt for payment of the tax. To rid yourself of long standing in queues for the receipt in tax, you can use the relatively new service the Federal Tax service of the Russian Federation, which is called the "taxpayer's Personal account". To visit it you can at the following link: . Do not forget that to use this service, you will need to enter your taxpayer identification number.
How to pay taxes on the <b>apartment</b>
After filling in all required fields and processing of your personal information the result is a table with a list of your debts at the taxm, where you will find the tax on property (the apartment). For the receipt check at the end of the rows and click "Create". A receipt in PDF format will open in the appropriate program from which you can print to the printer. A receipt can be paid in the Bank accepting such payments.
How to pay taxes on the <b>apartment</b>
Payment of property tax, you, as the owner, should produce equal shares in two terms — not later than 15 September and 15 November. For late payment of tax you will be charged a penalty equal to 1/300 part of the refinancing rate of the CBR.
Useful advice
If you have a credit / debit card you can make a tax payment for the apartment through an ATM. You can also use the payment terminal with enhanced functionality that take local tax payments.

Advice 2: When you do not need to pay tax when selling property

Selling his land, apartment, house or garage, each seller is faced with the question about paying taxes. According to the Law of the Russian Federation income received from the sale of immovable property is taxed on the income of individuals. But that does not mean that every seller is obliged to pay this tax.
When you do not need to pay tax when selling property

Need to know what the tax amount will be calculated from the value of the property which the seller and the buyer indicated the sale in the contract of purchase and sale of real estate. The tax does not apply if you sold your property for a price up to one million rubles. If the value of the sold property more than one million rubles, the tax will have to pay. But in that case, if the real property was owned by seller for more than three years, income received from the sale of this property are not taxed.

This should take into account the way in which real estate became the property of the seller. In the case of purchase, exchange, donation, privatization, registration of ownership under the Declaration, the commissioning of the house, the date of acquisition of ownership of immovable property should be the date of registration of transfer of ownership or registration of ownership and registration in the state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it, specified in the certificate of state registration of rights to immovable property.

If real estate is transferred to the seller by inheritance, the date of acquisition of ownership of the property, the date of death of the deceased testator, which is specified in the certificate of death of the testator.

If the income from the sale of immovable property is not taxed or is exempt from tax, to submit the Declaration on incomes of physical persons in the sale of real property is not necessary. But if the seller received a notice from tax inspection about the need to pay tax from the sale of his property, to appear in the tax inspection the seller will have.

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