You will need
  • Measure the bust and the underbust girth, the use of a specially designed table sizes
When we hear about the need to know the size of the swimsuit, we. in the first place, I mean the upper part. The most simple solution to this problem arises if you have chosen the model of the swimsuit in the form of "blinds", the size of which is determined by the sizeom your clothing. However, if you chose a model from the manufacturers, you need to know the line sizes swimwear selected country a domestic sizeam.
For example, to calculate the sizes swimwear European or American manufacturers developed a special table that lists sizes swimwear. Compliance sizes also possible to calculate independently. It is enough just to European sizehave to add a number 6.
If you chose a model with firm cups to determine the size will be more difficult. For this you first need to know the size of the cups. As well as bras, the cups of the swimsuit are denoted by Latin letters, i.e. A, B, C, etc. How to choose the size of swimsuitthat the chest was entirely filled a Cup, but it was not compressed? This task fashionable easy to solve using the formula that applies when choosing a bra: size of calyx equal to the difference between the volume of the breast and underbust girth.
The next step in choosing the sizeand swimsuitpertaining to cups is the conversion of centimeters to inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). The number you get is the sequence number of the corresponding Latin letters. For example, the result of 1 inch corresponds to the size ofA 2 inch sizeIn etc.
However, as we know, the female form is determined by not only one sizeω of the breast. Because there are women a full build with custom small Breasts and Vice versa. Thus, choosing a swimsuit, in addition to sizeand the cups we need to know its total size isequal to the underbust girth, which should be rounded to 5.
If your choice fell on a swimsuit continuous type, in order to choose the correct size, you will need to know your height to determine sizeand special table sizes swimwear.
In order to correctly set the size of swimsuit, you need to know in which country it was produced. For example, the sizes swimwear manufactured in European countries are significantly different from the domestic sizes, sizes swimwear made in the USA, generally is calculated according to a special scheme. So if you prefer clothing imported, it is advisable to apply to prestigious shops, staffed by professionals.
If choosing a swimsuit, you hear that in any case there will be any inconsistencies, as all clothing is sewn on the average female figure, this means that either the store presents the products of the manufacturer or this store not just experts who would know about all the rules determining the exact sizeand swimsuit.