You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a set of documents for the divorce office;
  • - money.
Use the services of a reliable divorce office that will help you to prepare all the necessary documents for the implementation of this procedure. Find similar organizations; for example, in Moscow and Moscow region it can be the establishment of a Divorse Firm. The link to the website of the company you will find in the section "Additional sources".
Once logged in the divorce office, check out the price list for the services they produce. If you are satisfied, you can request the statement of claim, which for a fee will be highly qualified. At the same time, by communicating via the feedback form, you will need to provide all the necessary information, as each divorce is individual and has its own characteristics. If you have any questions, consult your service in online.
If you are going to terminate their marriage through the court when there are minor children, you'll need a passport (to obtain a power of attorney for the firm on your behalf), proof of marriage and birth certificate for the child (a copy certified by a notary). Other documents, including the payment of the state duty, the divorce firms typically undertake.
If divorce will be implemented in the Moscow region, the above the company will fully accompany the dissolution of your marriage. You only need a notarized power of attorney and the specific information – who and where do you need to convey the decision of the court.
In a divorce in any other region of the divorce office will collect a full set of documents for registration in any part of the country in detail and advise you on how to do this without your presence in court.
Keep in mind the fact that if the divorce will be issued without the consent of your spouse, it will take up to four months, with its agreement, this period will be reduced to one and a half months.