If you have no children under the age of majority, and property disputes, you apply for a divorce in the registry office. For this to come in body of the registry office at the place of residence, to write a statement for a particular sample and pay a state fee in the amount of 400 rubles. Spousal consent is not required to specify the reason for the divorceand not necessarily because the divorce will be registered within 1 month. A month is to think about your decision.
The consent of the spouse to the divorce is also not required in the following cases: if one of the spouses has been declared incapable, in this case a divorce is filed by a guardian; if one spouse is convicted (the term of imprisonment over 3 years).
Divorce in court is made if: the spouses have common children under the age of majority; one of the spouses refuses registration of dissolution of marriage registry office; one of the spouses does not give divorce.
To obtain permission to divorce through the court, you must submit a statement, written by a certain pattern. In the main text of the statement you specify when, where and with whom marriage is registered, the number on the record. If you have children together, list their name and date of birth. Then indicate the reason why you want to terminate your marriage, be sure to stipulate the determination of the place of residence of the children and whether there are property disputes and stating the request for divorce. In the Appendix will list all documents that you submit to the court (their exact name and number). In addition statements you need to submit the following documents: certificate of marriage (original); information on the salary of both spouses; copy of birth certificates of children; receipt of payment of the fee (400 rubles).
If the defendant does not want to attend court, then you need to provide a statement for divorce. The statement must be certified by the housing Department or by a notary. You will also need a certificate of residence of the spouse in whose name served statement.
If the defendant does not want to come to court and refuses to sign the statement, he sent a notice from the court about where and when to make the meeting. It is possible to notify the defendant by wire, but at the expense of the plaintiff. Suppose the defendant in the court came and told about the good reason of absence, then the matter of divorce may be considered without its participation. The court decision comes into force within 10 days.