Advice 1: How to get a divorce

The word "divorce" is now firmly entrenched in our lexicon – according to statistics, every third divorce ends the marriage. In the old days in order to get a divorce, needed a very good reason – for example, the confirmed facts of betrayal of a spouse or the desire of the husband or wife to leave the monastery. In our time, in order to divorce her husband or wife, enough desire one of the spouses. The attitude to divorce has become easier, but at the same time, not all couples right to divorce – so as not to make unhappy children of their own and not to remain enemies for the rest of my life.
How to get a divorce

Most often the initiators of divorce become wives of men wishing to divorce his wife, much less. For divorce people decide, as a rule, when you know the marriage is doomed, and the couple can no longer live together. Difficult to divorce, if you have a child: sometimes children are very difficult to understand the reasons for the separation of the parents. In this case, the divorce process becomes much more lengthy and troublesome, and from a psychological point of view perceived the divorce much harder. In this case, it is not necessary to follow the tastes of emotions, and involve children in the divorce process, as this may lead to the development of neurosis in a child. And in any case do not forbid the child after the divorce, dad or mom, you will cause irreparable damage to his psyche. To correctly divorce, you should heed some practical advice.

  1. If you are going to divorce, coolly analyze the situation. Opt for a divorce only in the case if another acceptable way is not. If you do decide to divorce, try from the beginning to translate it into business and legal plane. Don't stoop to recrimination and humiliation.

  2. Even if your relatives, friends or colleagues to assure that your divorce is fully to blame for your half, don't go on about them and not try to revenge on the spouse. Cooler than you come to a divorce, the more chances you have to maintain normal relations after divorce.

  3. To dissolve the marriage in a registry office only if the divorce is a mutual decision of the spouses, and they have no common minor children. In this case, they should contact the Registrar's office and write a statement about divorce. Spouses usually give a month of reconciliation, and if they don't change their decision – the marriage will be terminated, in confirmation of which they will be given a certificate of divorce.

  4. Divorce without consent of one spouse can also be in the registry office, but only if one of the spouses has been declared incapable or missing, or the court, serving a prison sentence (three years imprisonment).

  5. If you have children under the age of majority, or one spouse does not agree to divorce, the marriage will have to terminate in a judicial order. Also have to go to court in the case when between spouses there is a property dispute (division of assets will be resolved exclusively in the courts). During the judicial process of divorce, the court shall consider the interests of each spouse and their minor children. The divorce of his parents in any case should not have a negative impact on the living conditions of children.

  6. If one of the spouses during the marriage changed his name, after getting a divorce he has the right to recover their premarital surname, and leave the name received in marriage.

  7. Remember that the divorce process is always easier and faster if the time to seek help from a qualified lawyer in this case, many problems and misunderstandings can be avoided.

Advice 2 : How to divorce young mother

Family is the most precious thing in life. But sometimes circumstances force the couple to break up, despite the presence of a common child. Couples who have no children, you can divorce without problems, but the young mother for this you need to go to court.
If you have a child, you can obtain a divorce through the Registrar's office. For this we turn to the magistrate on your place of residence. If the desire to break up the couple is mutual, there is no dispute about who should stay baby, no problems. If between you and your husband have disagreements, write a petition for divorce in district court.
To procedure the divorce dragged on for a long, long time, talk with your spouse and decide who will remain a child will be divided as marital property, what will be the order of communication with the kid, as will be payments of alimony and in what amount. Will also discuss other issues that concern us. Do not forget to ensure all your agreements in writing with a notary. With these documents come to the court and allow the judge to read them.
Write a statement in two copies. Example you can see in the court. Pay state duty through Sberbank, save your receipt. Take the marriage certificate and birth certificate of the child and go to court. If these documents are lost, contact the Registrar to restore them.
After this time the specialist come to the hearing. If the divorce papers will write not only you, but your spouse is, you will dissolve immediately. If your husband is against divorce, the judge may give a reprieve to several months for a possible reconciliation.
If your spouse wants the child lived with him and served a lawsuit in district court, you will have to contact an experienced lawyer. The fact that the judge will decide with whom to leave the child on the basis of various factors: financial situation, housing conditions spouses, etc.
If you can't agree on alimony with your spouse, please contact the bailiffs. They will give you the list of required documents that you will need to collect and bring specialists. Professionals will quickly perform the work, and after a short time your ex-husband will pay alimony.
Useful advice
Divorce is an unpleasant procedure very troublesome, long: sometimes disputes about children and assets acquired during the family life dragged on for years. The process of divorce will be faster and easier if to immediately contact a lawyer with high qualifications and necessary experience. So, you can avoid many problems and misunderstandings.
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