You should decide what you need Botox injection and whether it needs. There are two rationales for using this drug – wrinkles and excessive sweating in the armpits, feet and palms of the hands.
Determine whether you should avoid medication. To refuse to inject Botox you need in case of pregnancy, hemophilia, increased bleeding, inflammation, antibiotics and increased sensitivity to the drug components.
Pick a clinic with a good reputation. In this case, remember that the cost of the procedure you should not be the main criterion, do not look for cheaper options.
Point where is made the injection, and the dosage determined by the expert. Do not attempt to install them yourself. Always there is a high risk of incorrect drug administration. Even a deviation in mm from desired point can lead to serious complications, facial asymmetry, drooping of the corners of the eyes and eyebrows, etc.
The procedure is very fast – within ten minutes. For four hours after that keep a vertical body position. Try to be in a calm mood, it is advisable to rest for a few hours.
Don't touch your face with your hands for twelve hours. You should only do mimic movements in the region, which had been introduced injection.