The neighbors are constantly listening to loud music? Undoubtedly, it's annoying and hinders them from concentrating in the daytime, and at night – deprived of sleep and proper rest. The presence of those beyond the wall – a handful, for the working person that night required the silence of that mother whose child regularly not getting enough sleep, and she suffers from insomnia.
First try to solve the problem peacefully. Talk to the neighbors to heart. Fans usually listen to music at maximum volume are students or young people who constantly arranges house parties and gatherings. They can very lightly to the fact that cause inconvenience not only to you but to the whole house, the main thing for them is fun. Agree with them will be easy, the main thing – calmly and in detail to explain the essence of your claims. Do not start a conversation with insults or accusations do not attribute them to drug addiction, debauchery and other sins, justification, and control your emotions and don't let the negativity overwhelm you. Tell us about a disabled mother who can't sleep to the sounds of dubstep music, or about her husband, who is not getting enough sleep after night shifts. Most likely, the neighbors to apologize and realize his guilt.
However, if the answer is showered with insults and in front of your nose slammed the door, it is necessary to act more stringent methods. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the neighbors must be quiet. Let the lovers of night parties and threaten to take more serious action. If your demands continue to be ignored, complain to the district. He is obliged to carry out an educational conversation with the offenders. In case of repetition of such situation, he has the right to charge them an administrative fine.
The CPS sets forth the legally allowable level of noise at different times of the day. You can call the members of the organization to carry out the relevant measurements in your apartment. If you will documents about exceeding the possible limit of the noise your neighbors, you will be able to apply for compensation of moral harm in administrative or judicial procedure.