Transoms – parts finishing of the door, giving the design a finished appearance. Transoms, unlike other types of finishing – putty and paint, do not fade, retain their original appearance and also protect the house from drafts and extraneous sounds.

Today you can purchase transoms made of wood, MDF with various ways of finishing, laminate flooring, PVC film and other. Transoms can be matched to the color of the hallway or the individual elements. In addition, they can be used as decoration wire, fasteners, foam and damaged in the process of setting the Wallpaper.

Preparatory part

You can buy standard factory slope width from 80 to 550 mm. If the Assembly is made on the thick walls, you can use patterned strap elements made of MDF, equipped with Groovy locks. Install transoms need in a special recess already existing in the inner part of the frame. If the installation is performed on an already installed door, it is necessary to strengthen the material and plain the way by placing a Board under the box.

Before the work of the transoms need to be equipped with special groove: it is cut on the inner side at a distance of 10-12 mm from the edge and at a depth, constituting 1/3 of the thickness of the plate. The width of the groove should equal the width of a box with a margin of 1 mm. By means of this groove the Board will mate with the frame.

The stages of work

When attaching the transoms of slopes front door, you must measure the distance from the additional quarter to the edge of the wall. It is recommended to carry out this operation in several places. Next, cut the plank with the maximum size obtained during the measurement. The next phase of the U-shaped design is collected and hung, the installer must consider the additional size of a quarter. Transoms for doors required a good pull, then you need to check the position the building level.

Available voids are filled with foam. Attach the transoms of slopes front door, and liquid nails or special glue. Because the transoms are not experiencing any load, they do not require rigid fixation. If the box have slots for transoms, it is necessary to cut the strap, to collect design so that the vertical slats overlap the horizontal and secure it to the screws, pre-installed in specially drilled holes.

You can insert the selection in the pre-bolted bar L-shaped. For this purpose the edge of the transoms need to put the level in two planes and through the wooden prologi to attach to the wall with masking tape, maintaining a distance of 20-25 cm and Then all voids are filled with foam, once it hardens, remove the tape, cut off all the excess and Refine the doorway entrance door frames.