Provide the FMS birth certificate, proof of citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration certificate (for males), the document confirming registration at place of residence, two photographs of size 35x45, the receipt confirming payment of state duty in the amount of 200 rubles and a statement in the prescribed form proposed in the Department of the Federal migration service.
Upon reaching age 20 years instead of the birth certificate you will require a valid passport. Instead, after 10 days you will receive a new one.
If the passport is lost or inoperable, you must write a statement indicating the circumstances that led to such consequences. In this case, the fee will increase.
If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, to obtain a passportand you need to issue a document confirming the citizenship. You must submit an application, attaching the required documents: the document proving the identity and confirming citizenship of another country or the lack thereof; the document confirming place of residence; 3 3x4 photos; receipt of payment of the state duty or consular fee. Don't forget about the confirmation of grounds for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation.
If you are a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship, you also need to present a residence permit and documents proving the existence of means of subsistence, language proficiency, or (if necessary) the passport of the disabled parent who has citizenship of the Russian Federation.