You will need
  • Wallpaper of different textures and colors;
  • - Wallpaper glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - curb.
A proper combination of Wallpaper will help you to hide defects of walls and to emphasize the individuality of the interior. Feel free to combine different finishing materials in the kitchen, and the repair of the other rooms mix and match Wallpaper.
In the living room it is possible to allocate per-zone Wallpaper of a different color. For example, if the room is covered with material with a pattern of the wall behind the TV finish textured stripes, but no pattern. In the bedroom you can do the opposite – headboard paste over Wallpaper with a color rich ornament, and the rest of the space – the Wallpaper of the same basic color and texture, but without a pattern.
Decorate the room with Wallpaper of one company, one invoice and width, but different colors. Stripes alternate through one or two, as you like. Choose finishing materials that blend harmoniously in color. You can paste over one wall with flowered Wallpaper, and the other striped, the decision of the interior perfect for a retro style.
Walls can be split and horizontally. The bottom glue vinyl Wallpaper under the plaster, and the top is a textile. The intersection of hide a border stripe of the appropriate color. If the thickness of Wallpaper varies widely, a wooden rail, ceiling moldings or polyurethane molding.
Glue all the walls colored Wallpaper. Cut out the elements of big picture of a piece of other material. Paste these parts on the basis in random order. This method can be used if you need to refresh the situation, not making repairs. Also the large picture pasted on top of the monochrome Wallpaper will help hide different defects (scuffs, dirty spots, tears).
Similarly, it is possible to hang the nursery. If you decorate all the walls material with a colorful drawing depicting cartoon characters, these characters will tire the eyes. Try Wallpaper paste one bright solid color and the top is carved the figures of cartoon animals and people. Of them make up songs and skits that kid will look at with interest.
Very original look of the wall, decorated in the style of "patchwork". Collect all the remains similar in color Wallpapers with different patterns and a solid. Cut them pieces the same size and shape or different as you prefer. For the basics, you can paint the walls with paint of a suitable shade. On top of the background glue pieces of Wallpaper in an orderly manner or randomly, simulating a patchwork quilt.
Ledges and niches in the walls otdelyvat contrast material. From individual items to create one, but interesting and original. For example, from the curls and colors make a big tree with birds on branches.