You will need
  • border, adhesive border, brush for glue, pencil, cord
Select the border
To choose a border is not difficult. If you have already bought the Wallpaper, bring their stripes with you to the store. There you can choose the most suitable option of curb yourself, or ask for advice from the seller.Usually, it is recommended to buy curbs 2-3 shades darker than the color of Wallpaper or contrasting them with color. ROMs Wallpapers, as a rule, recommend curbs with a pattern or ornament. For a patterned Wallpaper - plain curbs.Do not forget that to give the style the room, you need to wall coverage was combined with other elements of the interior. If your border will blend with the curtains and bedspreads - elegant appearance of the dwelling provided!
Determine the location of the sticker border
Perhaps the most common practice is the placement of the curb, approximately at the level of the sill. As a rule, in this case, border is the border between different types of Wallpaper.If your room has low ceilings and small area, it is recommended to apply the border directly under the ceiling, around the room. Due to this, the walls will seem higher and the room will look very cozy.If you buy a border for the nursery, you can stick it at eye level of the child so the child had the opportunity to consider a bright and beautiful picture. If your Wallpaper has shrunk after drying, or you made a mistake when gluing, it is possible to mask these shortcomings with a border at the bottom of the walls, near the floor.Can be framed by a border of the window or door openings. Or paste it vertically, to visually highlight certain areas of the room.
Unleash your imagination? and the border will transform any room!
Attach the curb.
There are two main ways stickers borders: the Wallpaper and "butt" to him.If the Wallpaper does not have the relief pattern, it is possible to apply the border directly on top of them.
Allow the Wallpaper to dry.
Using the stretched string and pencil, make a wall mark around the perimeter of the room.
Cut the border into pieces of desired length and lightly moisten the base with water. Brush the border special border glue and leave for 5 minutes, Gently apply on your marked lines.
At the desired height around the perimeter of the room, mark a horizontal line. Glue the Wallpaper over the curb. Cut them on the lines. Over the border adhesive and glue it on the top of the "butt" to the Wallpaper. The lower part of the border is not secure.
Apply Wallpaper under the curb. The edge of the Wallpaper get under the curb and cut at its lower edge. Remove the cut strip.
Glue the border to the wall.