Buy a gift, pack it and go to the station. Pay for a locker and put the gift and your boyfriend send an SMS with ID and cell number. Can be sure that you will enjoy not only the gift, but the expectation, and the spirit of adventure. If you want to stay at the station and view from afar the reaction of a loved one.
What man has not played in childhood in the war, would not let the ships through puddles and dreamed of becoming a General? Give him the opportunity now. Fill the bathtub with water and run a few ships on the bottom which stick to the letter of the alphabet. The task of a young man is to rotate using water gun this fleet so that you can read letters and make the word a hint where the hidden gift. Unable to encrypt a short word, for example, a box or chair, then you have to reconsider all the Windows or chairs. And you can choose a long word, such as a refrigerator, then have to shoot longer.
If you could not resist and bought a few different gifts, hand them not all at once. While a young man, for example, in the bathroom, pull from door handles to beds around the house thread. On the whole route of the hang gifts, and in the end it will have to wait for the main show.
Unable to play beloved. Buy ordinary socks, put them in the main gift. It could be a tie clip, cufflinks, importantly, that the gift was lightweight and small in size. Socks put in a small box wrap in gift paper. This package is then put in a box and wrap it, and so do until then, until you run out of patience or boxes. It will be very fun for you and the young man to deploy these all the packaging. Can you imagine his reaction when hoping to get something original, he will see ordinary socks, because the main gift almost inappreciable. You decide to talk about the gift now or wait until morning, when he wears new socks.