Better to buy from the prepared seeds. They are already calibrated, disinfected, covered with nourishing and protective substances. However, when this possibility simply does not prepare Seeds to seedlings with his own, starting with simple sorting. Do it in a saline solution: surfaced and settled seeds are sown in different boxes, and shrunken thrown out.
To the seeds "Wake up" and their immune system is older, use immunomodulators. Seeds will not be superfluous to process Phytosporin that will make the germs resistant to the root borer and the incidence of blackleg.
Solar heating is also important. Scatter the seeds on a thick cloth in warm and Sunny weather to lay back a bit in the sun. Don't forget seeds stir occasionally. Repeat this procedure three times or more. If there is a UV lamp, irradiate the seeds with it.
The soil should be loose, well permeable to air and moisture, rich in organic matter and elements and do not contain pests. If at home make a full ground is not possible, buy it at the same time, note the appearance of the soil in the package. It should not contain lumps, be compressed and have foreign matter.
The ideal soil for seedlings consists of 8-9 components. Sand, lowland and peat moss are mixed in the proportions 2:1:1 and produce a porous and friable structure, comfortable for the plants. The excess acid is eliminated calcareous materials such as chalk, dolomite flour, crushed limestone, marl. High-quality substrate includes all micro - and macroelements, necessary for rapid root growth. Therefore, the soil required additional fertilizer.
It is also desirable that the soil for seedlings contained vermiculite, which provides an impressive water-holding capacity, thereby not allowing the soil to dry out. When you purchase soil, be careful to include all the listed components (or at least almost all).