It is necessary to inspect the plug, it should be 3 white/black stripes, not 2. Or 4 metal strips (contacts) instead of 3 is a special pin plug for Android phones.
Now you have to choose a headset microphone on the headset like HandsFree to answer a call without taking out of pocket.
The headset needs to be removable in order to quietly be able to record the sound on tape (as drooping the ears headphones will immediately give us away!) This detachable headset turns an ordinary smartphone into a full-fledged recorder!

And it's worth noting that the headphones that attach to the headset Jack may have 3 contacts, not 4 - on the sound is not appear.
Now we need to see if your headset pin. There's often the cheaper models do not clip, and the canopy — it is better to ask to give (for free!) from sellers additional clothespins for fastening clothes, as mounted headset often moves at the wrong time.
It is also useful to note whether there is a volume control.