What you should pay attention

To choose headphones for gaming need with all the responsibility, as this thing will serve you faithfully for several years. The main parameters in this case include the size, color, price and of course sound quality.

Professional headphones, unlike cheap imitations that have an ergonomic design, high sound quality. Their size is usually slightly enlarged, of the split plug is gold plated — this greatly reduces the attenuation of the signal.

The type of cups

The type of cups can be opened and closed. To open a connection with the environment, in the closed dynamics is isolated from the outside world cups. It is better to choose headphones with closed type to not listen to outside noise, but only what is really needed.


To draw the attention necessary, and the sensitivity of the device — it can be low or high. Headphone with high sensitivity will sound louder because the speaker can respond to even the weakest signal. This parameter is measured in decibels and limits of it should be anywhere from 100 to 120 dB/mW.


Resistance — the lower, the more current will pass through the headphones so they will sound louder. This parameter is ambiguous, as the loud sound of the discharge of the battery is accelerated. Good models of computer headphones have a resistance value of 200 to 600 Ohms. If we talk about portable, there will be enough from 16 to 64 Ohms.


Ear the headphone can also be different, here as you like. Classic version — it wraps around the head and presses the cups to the ears. The handle should be of durable material and simple design. Still there are temples in the form of hooks, ear buds in ears and in-ear (vacuum).

The frequency response

A few words about the amplitude-frequency characteristic. If the headphones are good, then the manufacturer is required to specify this characteristic. The human ear can perceive a sound only in a specific range, so the wider the border of this "tunnel", the more features can be distinguished. The lower boundary of a good headphone should not be below 20 Hz and the upper to be more than 20 kHz. The AFR on the graph should be a straight line and the larger on the chart "waves", the more certain frequencies will drop.

Non-linear distortion.

Another option, seemingly rather complicated non — linear distortion. Try to imagine that at the entrance there is a signal in the form of correct sine wave, and the output due to harmonics is removed by a signal of distorted shape. The difference in percent to the main signal shown as the parameter. Than headphone higher, the value of non-linearity below. The norm is increased from 0.5 to 2%.


Is necessary to pay besides the country of origin. Place of manufacture can greatly affect the quality. Today you can often find on the shelves of the product from China, but there they are not all bad quality. It is better to buy a good gaming headphones from USA or Germany. If we are talking about devices for cell phones, the headphones are from Finland and Korea deserves more attention than the others.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction is another parameter that must be controlled. She needed to suppress acoustic noise. Can be active or passive. The latter is used to budget headphones are just a special type of ear cups. For the richer devices use an active system, which generates noise similar to interference, but just inverted 180 degrees. Due to this extinguished almost 90% of unwanted noise. In the cons of the system you can record some audio distortion due to reflections from the cups, complete sound isolation from the outside world (you can not hear the signals of cars, phone call or voice nearby. However, such devices will appeal to those who often travel on the subway, airplanes, buses and trains.


Power and speaker size may now be different. Size is not the most important thing in modern headphones. Before the larger was a device, so it sounded louder. Now, however, the small size headphones can reproduce sound with such force that "not even dreamed" of their predecessors. With the power still easier, checking all the indicators, try to listen to music on headphones if the sound is juicy and bright, so everything is in order, you can purchase.