Open an account through another person. After opening your trusted needs to negotiate with the Bank to transfer to you account management. This method of account management should not require identification, for example, the code table or Internet banking. Opening an account, transferring all your documents on it and telling how to manage it, the helper must step aside.
Contact a specialized company-curator of open anonymous Bank accounts. Unlike the first method, the company performs all the functions of the intermediary between the Bank and the Manager of the account, being itself its nominal owner. After opening the account password or the code word necessary to use them, will be known only to you. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, the company supervisor will resolve all issues related to the work account, and will also help to build a chain of connected, anonymous accounts.
Try to open an account by mail or Fax, if your Bank permits this operation, requiring only photocopies of documents about the identity of the owner. At the same time their data can be used not completely or provide incorrect information.
Get a company with already opened account. Such proposals are often found in advertisements. At the same time pay attention to the fact that the account was really opened to this company and without any unauthorized persons "with the right of second signature." The sense of control it also comes down to the use of code tables and passwords.
If you have more than one nationality, and, therefore, not one passport, open an account at a second identity document. Moreover, currently there is a real opportunity to get a second citizenship legitimate methods. Some States could grant citizenship in exchange for a certain amount of investment in its economy, some if you live in the country for a certain period of time, some just sell citizenship and passport. Especially good if the government of the country where obtained a new nationality, allows the owner to change the name.
Open an account without a passport or with an indication of the alias. This service really is offered in some banks in some countries. Often you can open an account with any other identity document. This document may be a membership card, famous club, issued an alias. And all this is fully consistent with the laws of this country! If the alias is not specified the name of a real person.
Get yourself a coded account. The point of this account – the deliberate withholding of data on its owner. The Bank agrees with the condition of anonymity account and instead of the name of the holder uses a code word coined by the client. In this case, note that an encoded account will hide you only from the owners of the business, but not from the government. Therefore, the efficiency of the method can and should be improved by applying it in conjunction with one of the above methods.