To be able to manage the process of downloading the browser Mozilla Firefox, set up the display Windows downloads. Start a browser the usual way and select the menu "Tools", point "Settings". Go to the dialog box on the Basic tab and set the marker in the "Show the downloads window when downloading a file" under "Download". Click OK to the new settings took effect.
Now every time you start downloading the file will open a new dialog box where it will display the download progress. In line with the name of the file to the right of the tape indicator there are several buttons. To temporarily stop the download of the file, click on the "Pause" in the form of two parallel lines. To stop and cancel the download click on the icon [x].
After the download process is cancelled the file still remain in the list, and you can return to it at any time. If you get distracted by a separately opening window, "Load", you can disable automatic appearance and to call him when necessary. To do this, in the process of downloading click on "Download" in menu "Tools".
Also fast downloads available if you've installed the add-on Download Statusbar. During injection on the add-ons bar automatically appears, showing the download progress. Clicking the right button of the mouse, you can choose in the drop-down menu command Pause — this will pause the upload. If you want to stop, click Cancel.
The application is designed to download content, such as torrent clients or other managers download, use the buttons "Pause" and "Stop" to control the course of injection. If you want to remove from the list any file, click on its name, right-click and select the context menu Delete command.