You will need
  • scissors;
  • safety pin;
  • sewing pin;
  • thread floss.
Take a pair of scissors, a safety pin, sewing pins for the dissolution of the knots, and embroidery floss in the desired color.
Start with weaving baubles of two or three colors. The length of each filament should be at least 100 cm, if you make the string match the circumference of your wrist.
To weave baubles of thread can be both direct and oblique weave, which is most widespread among modern needlewomen.
Take 2 strands each of three colors (e.g. red, white and black) – only you should have six strands, linked on the end in a knot. In a bundle, insert the pin and attach it to the base for further work. The ends of the threads behind the knot braid to braid.
Left thread tie a double knot around following it to the right thread. After second strand tie a double knot third, then fourth and continue until you reach the end of the row. The left thread will be moved to the right.
Go to the thread which was now the extreme left, and repeat the twining of a number of double knots, left to right. You should get slanted lines knots – two rows of red knots, the two rows of white, two rows of black. Once all three colors are woven, you'll see that two red threads, at the beginning of the work, was left.
Continue to braid by the described technology, yet the thread will not end, and the string will not obtain the desired length. Tie the end knot and weave the braid.
In the future you will be able to improve your technique and to weave more complex patterns than the simple diagonal stripes – herringbone, diamonds, and more.