You will need
  • water;
  • - a cotton ball;
  • - lyapisny pencil;
  • - iodine.
To determine silver the product is made of cupronickel or primarily view the subject for the presence of the sample. If there is the abbreviation MNC, is Melchior. On silver, as a rule, a conventional alloy consisting of several digits, as in any other precious metal.
Can be distinguished from cupronickel silver with plain water. In any container, pour water and put into it the study subject, leave it for a while. Then remove from the water and view. On the subject of, made of cupronickel, will appear greenish, the silver color will remain unchanged.
To distinguish Melchior you can smell. Smell to subject: if you feel the obvious smell of copper, so it's Melchior. To smell felt stronger, RUB your product.
Slightly moisten the surface of the object with wet cotton disc and Pocernice it lyapisny pencil. If the thing was made of silver, not a trace will remain. On the Melchior is formed a dark spot. In the case where the Nickel silver plated with silver, look for on the subject of worn out place and repeat the same procedure.
Rate the weight of the subject. Thing out of Nickel silver will prove easy.
To distinguish between these metals and using the iodine. Drip a little iodine on the product and put it for a while in the sun. Silver things will appear a dark spot. Although it will be difficult to clean.