You will need
  • - the passport.
Decide what currency you want to open an account. It is more logical to choose the one in which you will conduct calculations and to earn money.
Find the nearest branch of the Bank. This can be done via the website VTB24. On the main page, select your region and city. Then click on "Office". You will see the full list of branches with phone numbers and addresses.
Come to the Bank with your passport and money. Write statements about opening an account. Next, Fund your account through the Bank. If you want, you may also agree to issue a card in your name. But keep in mind that service even a debit card worth the extra money.
If you want to open an account for business purposes, the algorithm of action will be different. You will need additional documents depending on the form of business organization. Accounts for legal entities in the design will need to prepare:

- certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
- certificate of incorporation;
- the certificate on registration in tax body;
- the Charter of the organization;
- the documents confirming the right of signature leadership, as well as a card with these signatures;
- the document on accounting of the organization in Statregister.

Depending on the specific situation, the Bank may request additional documents. Accounts for legal entities drawn up in the offices provided by the service organizations. To tear account must either personally by the Director or another person by notarized power of attorney.
Individual entrepreneur, notary or attorney can also access to the VTB account for professional needs. They will need to show their registration documents, such. As an extract from the register of lawyers or the certificate of registration for sole proprietors. Such account also can be opened by power of attorney to another person.