You will need
  • - plastic panels;
  • - floor tile or piece of linoleum;
  • - latex paint.
High quality and beautiful ceramic tile is much more expensive plastic panels, and laying the necessary relevant experience. So use plastic, not afraid of moisture, so the bathroom renovation will be cheaper.
You should start with the floor. Better suited for this tile, as it not only aligns perfectly, but also looks beautiful. But if you want to redecorate a bathroom inexpensive, you can just lay on the floor a piece of linoleum, refreshed appearance of the room.
The panels attach to the frame using a construction stapler and staples. The first panel is inserted into a special mounting bracket, the rest are included in one another, while maintaining minimal seams.
The ceiling is decorate with the same panels, but if money is not enough, you can just paint it with latex paint. This method is suitable only in cases where the ceiling is flat, has no stains bays or cracked plaster. In this case, the inexpensive repairs in the bathroom do not work because the stain will have to display special trains.
It is not necessary to stick to the ceiling tiles from foam. Despite the cheapness of the method the material is not too responds well to moisture. Over time, tile can appear fungus to get rid of that is not very easy.