You will need
  • - plumbing;
  • pipe;
  • - plasterboard;
  • - metal profiles;
  • - screws;
  • - cement mortar;
  • - tiles;
  • - grout;
  • damp sponge;
  • cord;
  • - nails.
Before you begin any repair work, check the condition of the walls, ceiling, floor, doors and doorways, and the entire system of plumbing.
To make it easier to take out the garbage, clear the door. Doorway free from shoals.
Remove from the surface of walls, ceiling and floor, the old covering: ceramic tile, paint. Remove old plumbing equipment.
Align the wall in all planes to further converge mezhplitochnyh seams. All corners in the bathroom needs to be straight for a tight placement of the bath or shower.
Prepare walls and floors. The floor in the bathroom, do the below 2 cm relative to the total of the floor.
All electrical and plumbing work need to finishing.
Make the distributing pipes. The cold water pipe is hot place below. For each point of water withdrawal (bath, toilet, sink) move individual pipe. Make the angle of the drain of sewer pipe to 2-3 degrees.
For wall and floor suitable moisture-resistant drywall, which would be a good base for tile.
Treat it from two sides with waterproofing compounds, and water-resistant primer. The wiring post in the frame construction, which shall be of metal sections. Do not use a wooden crate in the bathroomH.
Using plasters for levelling walls, use mortars based on cement, which retain their characteristics in wet areas. Wall check a plumb. If necessary, align with layer of plaster.
Lay tile after routing of the pipe. For the floor, it must be rough and thicker than wall tiles. The clutch produce on a well dried surface.
Set on the mortar beacons in the corners of the floor. Lay between the rows of tiles, calibrated level.
Pull the cord on the nails between the extreme rows. Lay the tile, check the horizontal level.
The stonework on the walls start from the bottom. Sutures fill grout with a rubber spatula. Remove the excess with a sponge.
Install plumbing, faucets, switches, outlets, fixtures, and other necessary accessories.