If you have not had to call on Skype to regular phones, so you didn't need to refill. But since sending SMS with Skype is a paid service, first of all, you need to Deposit some amount into your account. The minimum contribution is 5 euros, the maximum is 25.
Run the program from the main menu click Skype "Make money on Skype credit...". The program will check your profile settings and open a window refill.
First choose the amount you wish to Deposit to your account in Skype by clicking the check box next to the appropriate number. Then fill in all the fields in the form's current address. Then select the payment method.
You can Fund your account with Visa and MasterCard Bank cards and electronic purses WebMoney and "Yandex.Money." If you have no e-wallet or you use a different card, you can choose one of the electronic payment systems of your choice from the menu "Others". Once you have chosen the payment method, click "Next" and if everything is correct in the form that appears, hit "Buy".
When the money is transferred to your Skype account, add a mobile number to the profile of the person to whom you want to send the message. Select the desired subscriber in the "contact List" with one click of the mouse and in the form of messaging, click the SMS button. This will automatically open a window prompting you to add the mobile phone number of the subscriber. In it click on the button "Add phone number".
In the next window "add a number to this file", select the type of phone – mobile, home, work, or other; select a region for automatic insertion of a prefix, enter the number in ten-digit format and click the checkmark. The phone will be saved and this will open a window prompting you to add your phone number to the caller knew who received a text message. Here you can either add your number immediately, or to resolve this issue later by pressing one of the corresponding keys.
Now you can write SMS in the same way as in the normal chat. The maximum amount a single message on Russian keyboard layout is 70 characters in Latin – 160 symbols. The cost of one such message is 5 Euro cents. When the limit of characters in one SMS, Skype will split the message into several smaller, considering every next 70 or 160 characters of the new message and charging a fee. When you are finished entering text, click "Send a message" to the right of the entry field.