Specify the date of the invoice and its number. Account number for advance payment can be any, if the company does not foresee similar numbering. The account also may not have the numbers. The account can be valid for a certain period of time or be indefinite. Make a note at checkout with this requirement.
Include in the bill the necessary information about the product, for which payment is made. Enter the price per unit of product and unit of supplied products (pieces, unit weight, or volume). Enter the number of billable products and the total amount of the bill. The final amount, specify in words.
Detailed list in the bill payment details, which should be listed payment. Error in single sign may be the cause of the return by the Bank of the payment order.
Specify the account contact information to the payer had the opportunity to clarify all unclear moments on the stage of creation of the payment document. If the explanations and clarifications required to the Bank for payment, the request can take up to five working days.
Include in the bill a reminder of the need to submit a power of attorney upon receipt of the goods. Enter information about where you can get paid for the goods and information about the employee responsible for the shipment.
The invoice must be signed by the head of the organization issuing the product. It could be signed by the authorized employee. Signature stamped with the organization seal.
In large retail organizations create accounts on Deposit begins the chain of movement of goods and document management. The account number can be included in the document management system and be the number/account of the buyer/client. Date of invoice is the start timing of the reservation of goods in stock.
When operating in the trade organization's bonus program for customers in the account may be prescribed by the conditions for the accumulation and use of bonuses.