You will need
  • - a contract for the provision of services and the details of the recipient of services;
  • form document in electronic or paper form;
  • - data about the service (name, quantity, unit price).
Put in the form of the document sequence number the invoice number, date of billing. Enter the name of your organization, name of your Bank, the number of settlement accounts and offset accounts, INN, KPP, BIC in the corresponding fields of the document.
Specify the name of the organization recipient of services, his INN and KPP. Fill in a tabular part of the document by checking the name of services, their quantity, the unit price of servicesand, If provided by your organization servicesand subject to VAT, the unit price of servicesand select the VAT.
Count and write in the field "Amount" the cost of each serviceand the total cost of the provided services in the "total" line, if you fill out the document by hand. If the document is populated in the program "1C:Enterprise", the totals are automatically calculated. If your organization has a VAT, then enter that total amount on the account in the corresponding row.
Write in words the total cost of services for the invoice in the appropriate row. If you filled out the account in the program "1C:Enterprise", form and print the document. The account must be signed by the Director and accountant of the firm.