Make a contract for the carriage of cargo, which is a commercial document and is issued upon payment of services by road, sea, air and rail carriers. The agreement can be made for one-time transportation of a particular cargo from one place to another, and to be durable. Be sure the document is to specify the moment. Mark the date and contract number and attest his signatures and seals of the parties.
Make a request for transportation of cargo. Only on the basis of this document, which is applied to the contract made provision of the service and further RAaccounts. After the carriage fill waybill in form 1-T This document confirms the fact of transfer of the goods and prepared in four copies, which are transmitted to the accounting Department of the shipper, carrier, customer and the driver.
Make accountinvoice for payment of services for the carriage of cargo. If the company is not a VAT payer, then the usual account, showing the details of the parties and the cost of services rendered. The invoice must be discharged within five days from the date of shipment. Otherwise, the counterparty will be able to take a deduction remitted the VAT amount.
Fill in each row accountand invoices. Put serial number and date of issue of the document for payment. Mark lines 2, 2A and 2B information about your company in accordance with the constituent documents. It is worth noting that in line 3, tend to have data on the shipper, but since it made the provision of transportation services, in this line, put a dash. Next, enter customer's details and the details of the consignment note on the basis of which exhibited the account. Make information about services rendered, enter the price charged and the VAT amount.
Set the expense on transportation. To do this, pass to the customer one copy of bill of lading and issued the invoice for payment.