You will need
  • - the battery.
We offer modern aftermarket batteries klassificeret by type of service, according to the material used and the type used in independent power supply the electrolyte.
Car batteries by type of service differencebut serviced power supplies and low-maintenance batteries. Often low-maintenance independent automotive power sources are also called maintenance-free.
The material used for the manufacture of grids of battery plates, power supplies, separated into lead, silver, and calcium, as well as batteries with lead-calcium or lead-antimony grids.
The batteries can be conventional acidic electrolyte and helium. The main and primary advantage of helium is independent of power sources – ease of use: even with a split hull gel-like electrolyte is not derived. To helium independent power sources can include batteries, which use the so-called AGM.
The acid electrolyte used in the independent lead-acid automotive power sources. Compared with alkaline independent power sources, batteries of this type cannot long be in polurazobrannom condition, and therefore need special care.
When choosing a car battery, pay attention to parameters such as inrush current, reserve capacity and battery capacity. Inrush current – the maximum output power that the battery can give for ten seconds at -18 degrees. This parameter characterizes the capability of the battery in terms of cold start.
The capacity of the car battery is measured in ampere-hours (this figure determines the device capability for a certain period of time to deliver a particular current value). As for the reserve capacity of car batteries, this indicator characterizes the time interval during which the device will issue a current of 25 Amps.