Material carpet (carpet in translation from English - "carpet") has a wide range of applications. They can pull the door card, acoustic shelves, boxes, podiums, wall panels, some of the torpedo, and much more. Used carpet for covering the interior of the car. It will give your auto brightness and uniqueness, unlike other monotonous materials. In addition, it is a better material than typically used for factory trim of car interiors. Another advantage of carpet is the malleability. With it, you will be able without difficulty to fit even the most intricate element of the cabin of your car. It does not appear any wrinkles or waves.
So, you have chosen the desired carpet color. Now we should find a suitable glue that will glue the material to the surface. The glue needs to withstand the changes in temperature, be moisture resistant and provide a quality grip.
It is very important to choose a suitable adhesive. It is best to use a special glue in aerosol form, which is used in workshops. It can be bought at a hardware store or auto parts store. Be very careful when buying glue and beware of fakes. Since the products are low quality has no guarantee that it will provide high-quality fixing. Also forgery can be toxic when exposed to high temperature and direct sunlight.
To improve the quality of stitched, as well as to avoid contamination of the surrounding parts, perform tight on dismantled parts of the interior parts. Before work detail should be sanded and degreased. You can pre-test their abilities and skills stitched on a less visible interior parts with a complex shape: the plastic that is around the gear lever, door handles, sills. After a little practice you can start to close-fitting parts with big size. For example, drag the ceiling, doors, dashboard, visors, etc.
A creative approach to the choice of color of carpet and responsible to work on the padding you will certainly get a really great result. The interior of the vehicle, a tow, their hands will look exclusive and at the same time solid.
In addition to the aesthetic side, the cording of the salon carpet has practical advantages: the casing of the less contaminated material, in contrast to the previous, lower plastic creaking, extra insulation in the cabin, increased insulation in the winter.
If your car is equipped with a sound equipment, you can also cover it with carpet. This will improve the sound quality (by reducing vibration acoustics in the bass). Besides, all the equipment will be much more spectacular look in one color. You can also sheathe the internal wall and the hood of the trunk, as a result, you'll spend a lot less time to clean the trunk. So show a little patience, effort, skill, imagination, and you will receive a unique vehicle which will be only you and no one else.