One of the most common human phobias, the fear to open up to a stranger. Susceptible people usually call shy, shy and unsure of himself. This fear can be innate trait of your character and acquired feature. In both cases, the protective mental reactions of your body don't give you to fully Express your feelings and emotions "lock" them in. Over time, psychological problems such a closed person is able to get worse. However, this disorder is quite successfully overcome with the help of the psychologist and trainings of personal growth.
The second reason that some individuals are not able to fully communicate – misunderstanding of the motives and mood of the people. Funny, hearing the unintelligible borkage, and begins to avoid contact. These patients, psychologists are taught how to interpret facial expressions, gestures and mannerisms of other people, and also help to learn to tolerate the peculiarities of different members of society.
In some cases the reason for the reluctance to communicate is neurasthenia. If a man and working hard, and exhausting some trouble, it comes in a state of weakness and irritability. The main treatment of this syndrome is complete rest for 3-4 weeks. At this time it is advisable to go somewhere, change of scenery. But if the cause of neurasthenia is the internal psychological conflict, such a person requires the assistance of a therapist.
If your problems occur not because of fears or illness, try to listen to some advice of psychologists. Don't be selfish and don't attempt conversation constantly to take the initiative. Aggressive manner of communication deprives the interviewee the opportunity to speak, but you too will not listen. To communicate benefits, it should go in the form of a dialogue, not a monologue. Encourage the interlocutor to Express his opinion and listen to him carefully. As required get involved in the conversation, but don't interrupt mid-sentence, even if the person stopped. Do not attempt to continue instead – it might insult or confuse the mind.